Thursday, October 25, 2012

Global Positioning Accuracy -- WOW!

The Earth is surrounded by satellite network of 31 spacecraft equipped with incredibly accurate clocks. To synchronize these clocks with Earth time an adjustment was necessary because the satellite clocks gain about 1 billionth of a second, when compared with surface clocks, every three days. That means that time travels faster in space than it does here on the Earth's surface. If this time differential was not accounted for and adjustments to global positioning made, the coordinates provided by the satellites would be off by as much as 6 miles per day.

With measurements accurate to the billionths of centimeters and seconds it is difficult for me to imagine how anyone can doubt the conclusions our scientists have reached with regard to the birth of the universe. Taking the simple step from realizing one plus one equals two to measuring the volume and age of the universe only took mankind a few thousand years. And yet…

Accepting global warming, evolution, the "Big Bang" theory, and acknowledging the "God" particle seem to be beyond the imagination or understanding of our religious right. What could go wrong with giving them charge of the country?


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